If you are facing the challenges of theft within your organisation it’s time to call S.W.A.T. PI!

S.W.A.T. Investigations bring over 20 years worth of surveillance and investigative experience to the role they play in professional undercover operations and investigations across a broad spectrum, from investigations that involve suspected infidelity to insurance claims investigations and business intelligence services, assuring clients that they are dealing with a well qualified and highly respected team who value discretion and honesty above all.

If you suspect that any member of your staff is gathering intelligence and information to be passed on to competitors, S.W.A.T. PI will provide you with highly trained undercover agents who will be able to work undetected as a member of staff within your organisation in order to gather any proof required.

Investigative techniques such as this are the backbone of the assignments carried out by the S.W.A.T. PI team, aimed at obtaining necessary evidence or intelligence from within the target organisation, as well as to determine the source of counterfeit goods.

Protection from internal theft is high on the agenda for clients who are facing huge challenges where it comes to internal theft problems, and it is here that S.W.A.T. Investigations is able to apply their experience in placing investigators acting as employees within the organisation in order to present fully comprehensive investigative reports that pinpoint the source of internal theft.

This same approach is used in terms of anti-counterfeiting cases, in which S.W.A.T. Investigations will build up the required portfolio of evidence against a factory owner or distributor, once again ensuring that S.W.A.T. investigators maintain regulatory compliance and remain within the law in order to ensure the quality of the results.

S.W.A.T. PI has a trained team of personnel who fully understand that each undercover assignment is unique and that they need to be able to adapt very quickly to a wide range of situations and circumstances in what can often be in potentially hostile environments, which is where the many years worth of experience behind this team is essential to success.

It does not matter what kind of environment or industry you are involved in, whether you employ thousands of employees or just a few, S.W.A.T. investigators are experts in handling all assignments and cases with discretion, applying their expertise to produce high value results for every client.

Please do not hesitate to contact S.W.A.T. Investigations if your company is facing any of these challenges, they will offer you the security of knowing you are dealing with committed professionals who provide results-driven expert undercover investigative services.


You can rely on S.W.A.T. Private Investigations for complete discretion and honesty.

As far as S.W.A.T. Private Investigations in Johannesburg is concerned, integrity and quality means everything in their industry, offering clients an investigative team that is fully committed to providing accurate and honest information without wasting any valuable time and money.

S.W.A.T. Private Investigations is made up of a team of highly trained specialists who have a full understanding of the laws of surveillance, ensuring that you will not be left with evidence and investigative reports that amount illegal entrapment, invasion of property, trespassing or misrepresentation. S.W.A.T. Private Investigations, with twenty years of experience under the belt, provides incontrovertible video and investigative reports that are powerful enough not to be called into question, whether in a court of law or in private.

No matter what your case is, you can trust that you will be dealing with a team of private investigators who offer absolute discretion and integrity, backing up their work with their guarantee of a highly professional end product and high code of ethics.  S.W.A.T. Private Investigations is able to assist clients with tracing people, company directors, relatives, vehicle registration numbers or cell phone and telephone numbers, and you can absolutely rely on the results of the trace.

The investigation of infidelity is also a highly sensitive matter and approaching an investigative company is not always an easy decision, but with the assistance of the S.W.A.T. Private Investigations team, you will find an exceptional level of discretion and support throughout what is a difficult experience in uncharted territory.

When S.W.A.T. Private Investigations compiles an investigative report, you can be absolutely certain that should you need to take it to court you can do so in absolute confidence.  No matter which of the S.W.A.T. Private Investigations services you require, you can rely on honest results delivered with complete discretion.


Partner with S.W.A.T. Private Investigations ensure the security of your business.

There are many reasons any corporation or business would need the services of a private investigator on a regular basis, whether it is to carry out due diligence investigations in preparation for acquisitions and mergers, investigate the possibility or reality of corporate espionage, investigating any type of employee fraud or theft, to name just a few of the instances in which business intelligence services are required.

S.W.A.T. Private Investigations in Johannesburg and Pretoria has a team of highly trained investigators whose main focus is to provide business intelligence services; whether it is to ensure that your offices are swept regularly for bugs and spyware or to ensure that your computers are free of any spyware, especially in our digital and highly technological business environment.

S.W.A.T. Private Investigations also provides business intelligence services such as stress testing and polygraph testing, the investigation of insurance claims, counter intelligence as well as investigating the theft of trade secrets, and when S.W.A.T. Private Investigations hands you your report, you can rely on the end result completely, providing you with incontrovertible truth that will stand up in a court of law.

In a fast-paced corporate world due diligence investigations are carried out by S.W.A.T. in order to ensure that any corporate client planning an acquisition, merger or major project is fully aware of any issues that may be hidden before the deal is closed, carried out with twenty years worth of professionalism and discretion, ensuring that all evidence collected is accurate and fully detailed.

Many retail businesses experiencing loss call on S.W.A.T. Private Investigations to make sure that all the holes in their in-store security are plugged well enough to protect them against employee theft or shoplifting.  In the case of corporate espionage and theft of company information, S.W.A.T. Private Investigations will carry out electronic debugging to ensure that any electronic spyware that may be in place to pass on information to a competitor is quickly and efficiently deactivated.

When you need the perfect team of private investigators to partner with you in keeping your business and its assets safe then S.W.A.T. Private Investigations has the experience, background and highly respected reputation to back you up on all levels of business intelligence services.

Please contact S.W.A.T. Private Investigations in Johannesburg and Pretoria for a confidential consultation regarding the range of investigations this established team is able to provide.


Make an informed decision about investigating infidelity or a cheating spouse with S.W.A.T. PI.

If you suspect infidelity you will know that talking to a cheating spouse who is already cheating is going to make it even more difficult to actually get to the truth, and although there are many ways to detect infidelity, the most effective way to do so is to hire a discrete and trusted private investigator to obtain the proof legally.

When you hire a private investigations company like S.W.A.T. Private Investigations you will be dealing with a licensed, highly trained team of PI’s who understand the repercussions and invalidity of illegally acquired information, especially if it involves the potential for legal proceedings such as divorce.  S.W.A.T. Private Investigations has over twenty years worth of experience in gathering information on cheating spouses and they know exactly how to gather information that cannot be thrown out in a court of law.

Having S.W.A.T. Private Investigations as a third party in court proceedings like this if negative information about your partner is going to come out makes the information more credible and certainly less biased. There is also the fact that because of their professional training and experience, S.W.A.T. Private Investigations is going to be better at collecting information due to the fact that they are not emotionally invested in the investigation.

S.W.A.T. Private Investigations has the objectivity of knowing how to investigate cases of infidelity, to provide video evidence and compile reports that are designed to work within your budget and at your comfort level.  S.W.A.T. Private Investigations fully understands how painful and delicate the situation is for you, always maintaining a level of discretion and respect that makes a difficult situation one that will be handled with the highest of standards possible.

S.W.A.T. Private Investigations realises that you are headed into uncharted territory that may be overwhelming; however, with the experience of this team and the high standards they maintain, they will guide and serve you well. Know that with this team whatever you decide to do, you will be making an informed decision.