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Investigative Due Diligence Services

S.W.A.T. Private Investigations has earned a highly respected reputation in the surveillance industry backed by over 20 years worth of experience, applying a level of professionalism and discretion which is exceptional and highly valued by past and present clients.

The range of services this team of professional private investigators is able to provide is exceptional, ranging from undercover operations and investigations to background checks, voice stress and polygraph testing to business intelligence services.

S.W.A.T. has the experience to ensure that with their highly technical approach to bug sweeping, your home, business or vehicle will be safe from any illegal tactic which may have been employed to spy on you, including ensuring that your computer is free of spyware, which is unfortunately a very common method of spying in our highly technological age.

On the other end of the scale, should you need to employ the use of sophisticated surveillance equipment such as spy tracking devices, cell phone monitoring equipment, spy cameras or any other form of spy equipment such as bug detectors, S.W.A.T. is able to provide you with the latest in high quality surveillance equipment.

Unfortunately many people regularly misrepresent themselves and to this end you can rely on S.W.A.T. Private Investigations to assist you with a thorough background check which will leave you in no doubt about those being investigated by our investigators, backed by their guarantee of a professional work ethic and end product.

S.W.A.T. Private Investigations offer years worth of experience when it comes to tracing missing persons, based primarily on information developed which covers everything from name, date of birth or any other background information which would be of assistance in their search.

Business intelligence services provided by S.W.A.T. Private Investigations are of the highest standard available in the industry and include everything from theft of trade secrets to counter intelligence.  In addition to these and other services provided by the professional private investigators from S.W.A.T., voice stress and polygraph testing, insurance claims investigations as well as spousal cheating and infidelity are also included in their scope of services.

Contact the professionals at S.W.A.T. Private Investigations for a confidential consultation with regard to any service you may require from this team committed to the highest level of integrity possible.

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