If you are facing the challenges of theft within your organisation it’s time to call S.W.A.T. PI!


S.W.A.T. Investigations bring over 20 years worth of surveillance and investigative experience to the role they play in professional undercover operations and investigations across a broad spectrum, from investigations that involve suspected infidelity to insurance claims investigations and business intelligence services, assuring clients that they are dealing with a well qualified and highly respected team who value discretion and honesty above all.

If you suspect that any member of your staff is gathering intelligence and information to be passed on to competitors, S.W.A.T. PI will provide you with highly trained undercover agents who will be able to work undetected as a member of staff within your organisation in order to gather any proof required.

Investigative techniques such as this are the backbone of the assignments carried out by the S.W.A.T. PI team, aimed at obtaining necessary evidence or intelligence from within the target organisation, as well as to determine the source of counterfeit goods.

Protection from internal theft is high on the agenda for clients who are facing huge challenges where it comes to internal theft problems, and it is here that S.W.A.T. Investigations is able to apply their experience in placing investigators acting as employees within the organisation in order to present fully comprehensive investigative reports that pinpoint the source of internal theft.

This same approach is used in terms of anti-counterfeiting cases, in which S.W.A.T. Investigations will build up the required portfolio of evidence against a factory owner or distributor, once again ensuring that S.W.A.T. investigators maintain regulatory compliance and remain within the law in order to ensure the quality of the results.

S.W.A.T. PI has a trained team of personnel who fully understand that each undercover assignment is unique and that they need to be able to adapt very quickly to a wide range of situations and circumstances in what can often be in potentially hostile environments, which is where the many years worth of experience behind this team is essential to success.

It does not matter what kind of environment or industry you are involved in, whether you employ thousands of employees or just a few, S.W.A.T. investigators are experts in handling all assignments and cases with discretion, applying their expertise to produce high value results for every client.

Please do not hesitate to contact S.W.A.T. Investigations if your company is facing any of these challenges, they will offer you the security of knowing you are dealing with committed professionals who provide results-driven expert undercover investigative services.

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