Let S.W.A.T. Private Investigations give you peace of mind if you suspect a cheating partner or infidelity.


There is not a single person who is married or in a committed relationship who ever really wants to go down the road of turning to a private investigator to assist with a sixth sense that something is just not right in the relationship and that cheating may be involved, however, rather than having endless arguments back and forth based purely on suspicion, which will eat at any relationship, whether cheating is involved or not, which is just not worth it if it is a relationship you value highly.

Suspecting and knowing are two very different things where it comes to protecting the integrity of your marriage or relationship, and if your trust has in any way been compromised you will soon realise that the negative effects are going to eat at what may have been blind faith to start out with, even if there are no grounds for your suspicions and lack of trust.

You do have the right to know the truth about the person you have invested so much into, whether it is your spouse, mate or lifetime partner and S.W.A.T. Private Investigations has a team of highly trained professionals who will gather all the information you may need on which to base your decisions about the future of your relationship.

S.W.A.T. Private Investigations works within your budget and will respect your comfort level through this challenging period, ensuring that the way they go about gathering the information is always subject to your approval, and that while S.W.A.T. is completely goal orientated, at no time will this team ride roughshod over your personal requirements.

High standards drive this team of private detectives as well as a strict adherence to all applicable privacy laws while documenting your partner’s extracurricular activities in most public locations, from restaurants to clubs, casinos and shopping centres.  Any additional documentation you may require over and above the video recordings provided by S.W.A.T. Private Investigations will be provided in the form of a formal report outlining all activities over and above those not captured on videotape.

The S.W.A.T. team fully understands how daunting this uncharted territory will be for you, and this situation is far more common than you may have thought, but with the discretion and sensitivity added to the high level of experience this team of private investigators offer, the whole situation will be made a lot easier than you may have imagined.

Please visit the S.W.A.T. Private Investigations website to view further information about what they can do for you if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, you deserve the peace of mind that only the truth can bring.

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