S.W.A.T. will sweep for and remove all bugging devices quietly, efficiently and professionally.


The 21st century has given birth to a rapid growth in highly effective bugging devices, corporate espionage and a world where technology makes cheating on your spouse that much easier, which is where the integrity, experience and highly trained team of private investigators who form S.W.A.T. Private Investigations comes in to play.

We’ve all seen it in the movies, whether it is at high level meetings between mob bosses of every nation to meetings between presidents, the debugging ritual is as essential to the privacy of what goes on behind these closed doors as the closed doors are!  S.W.A.T. Private Investigations have the experience and specialised training required to carry out this highly technical procedure effectively, ensuring that your home or vehicle is bug free and that no tracking devices have been installed either on your person or on your vehicle.

Illegal tactics using bugging devices to gain inside information runs the gamut from corporate espionage to catching cheating spouses, all of which is used for monetary gain, information which is worth a lot of money and influence in this day and age!  In order to circumvent the ability for any conglomerate or individual to benefit financially from dealing in information gathered via bugging devices, S.W.A.T. Private Investigations use an exceptionally high level of training and experience to detect and uninstall any foreign devices in your home or business, computer, mobile device or vehicle.

The detection and removal of spyware in the form of bugs and tracking devices used in mobile phones, computers, vehicles, offices and private homes is all part of the specialised services offered by S.W.A.T. Private Investigations, and if you believe that any part of your life may become a valuable commodity to anyone meaning you harm on any level, then the professionals at S.W.A.T. Private Investigations will remove all threats quietly and confidentially!

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